Laganja Estranja's Music

In 2014, Laganja began her musical career by contributing original vocals and rap lyrics to a cover of RuPaul's "Jealous of My Boogie," for the album RuPaul Presents: The CoverGurlz. Following that, Laganja was featured on "Got Beat,” performed by Kraack and “Gold Grill BBQ” performed by Krysta Youngs. 

In 2015, Laganja released her first single "Legs," featuring internationally known rapper Rye Rye. Rye Rye, signed to N.E.E.T Recordings, was a dynamic addition to Laganja’s official debut. Appearing in the hit music video “Paper Planes,” Rye Rye toured with M.I.A. on both the “KALA Tour” as well as “The People vs. Money Tour.” Rye Rye was also named one of Billboard's "21 Under 21" and made her acting debut in 21 Jump Street. Other contributors to “Legs” included Ashlee Breathe, David Laffe, and Jaila Simms from MTV's Making His Band. A tour de force of raw talent, “Legs” is a fast-paced dance track brimming with clever lyrics, culminating in what has been billed as the new pre-sex anthem. The track is heard in clubs and LGBTQ+ bars around the world and was featured on Larry Flick's The Morning Jolt on SiriusXM. Other regional play included RuPaul's and Michelle Visage's What's The Tee? Podcast and Pauly and Monks for The Toad Hop Network. "Legs" also received critical acclaim online and was ranked the third best Rupaul's Drag Race song by Pitchfork.

That same year, Laganja was featured on her Drag Race sister Alaska Thunderfuck’s debut album “Anus.” Laganja’s feature is on the track “Gimme All Your Money” which has collected over 2.5 million listens cross-platform. The track received rave reviews from Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, and Jezebel. In 2016, Laganja dropped her third single “Tease 4U.” Later that year, she released a Christmas Album with Haus of Edwards called “A H.O.E. Xmas.” Laganja’s single on the album is titled “Green XXXMas” and is accompanied a snowy, winter wonderland music video featuring Candace Cane. 

In 2018, Laganja Estranja released a new single titled “Look at Me” featuring J. Tyler. The music video alone has gathered nearly 500,000 views and the song is available across all popular music streaming platforms. One music reviewer has this to say about “Look at Me”:
“It’s very in your face but in the best way possible and to be honest, if I was doing everything she is doing, I would be shouting about it too. Favourite lyric to shout along to in the car award goes to “Laganja makin’ bangers, you can call me Miley Cyrus”. I love a good pop culture reference and I love a bit of Miley.”

Later that year, Estranja continued her return to the music scene when she dropped another track that would soon end up a fan-favorite. The song “Smoke Break” has since become iconic. After hearing the chorus a few times, you’ll probably find yourself singing, “Let me get a smoke break,” all day long.

In 2020, Laganja Released her new track “Daddy” accompanied by her largest music video shoot yet. “Daddy” made headlines because of the sex positive message and overtly sexual, oozing-with-aesthetic music video. American Songwriter said, “her newest track does not come up short in any way at all. It’s an achievement. It’s a bold expression of sexuality and lust, showing what it would be like to act on those feelings unabashedly (with cake and honey).” Laganja told Access, “I just wanted to release something that was really fun that would make people blush, that would hopefully make people feel sexy and turned on and empowered by my physical form as an androgynous non-binary beauty figure.”

Laganja’s celebrated 4/20 with a new single — released just before 4/20 in 2021. “Hypeman” is a bold collision of queer artistry and high-energy club music. The music video, directed and styled by Robert Hayman, is an over-the-top desert blowout featuring the expected theatrical chroeography that Laganja is known for. Part electic, part fierce, “Hypeman” is one of Laganja’s most danceable songs to date. 

Then, in the spirit of Halloween, Laganja channeled her inner Uma Thurman with a tribute to the iconic character Poison Ivy. Taking her own spin on the theme, Laganja released the spooky “banger” Poison Ivy as a way to celebrate her power, her connection to mother nature and the balance between good and evil. 

Laganja’s first studio-length album is set to debut later this year. Stay connected via Instagram or Twitter for the most reliable updates on her coming album. #Highconic

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