As a cannabis rights activist, Laganja has hosted conversations on cannabis legalization at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and at Impulse in San Francisco. She has also been featured twice in High Times Magazine as well as on the cover of Dope Magazine, making her the first LGBTQ+ advocate on the cover of a cannabis magazine. Laganja is actively developing her lifestyle brand that includes pre-rolls, vegan gummies and more to come.

Laganja Estranja Lifestyle Brand

The Laganja Estranja lifestyle brand includes a collaboration preroll joint with San Francisco's The Hepburns, called “LAHepburns.” Rolled with solventless icewater hash, the preroll is a luxury experience, and the first cannabis brand specifically celebrating LGBTQ+ pride.

Alexandra (Allie) Butler, the founder of The Hepburns, is a public health and cannabis professional, Berkeley native and UCLA alumnus. After completing her graduate thesis with the Harm Reduction Coalition, she earned her Masters in Public Health from NYU in 2011 with a focus on International and Community Health. Going on to work at Compassionate Health Options, she then led the San Francisco dispensary Apothecarium as a patient consultant. Allie is an ally and activist with premium products and passion to help patients receive the proper medication. As an educator, she is dedicated to safe medical access and responsible recreational use which is why Team Ganja chose to work with her.

Laganja also recently partnered with FRUIT SLABS, a company making cannabis infused, vegan, real-fruit squares for their 2019 PRIDE collection. Laganja worked with FRUIT SLABS to create a one-of-a-kind flavor to be offered for a limited time. These “non-gummies” are not only gluten free and organic, they also taste delicious!

Laganja Estranja Cannabis Collaborations

In September of 2018, Laganja was interviewed by Civilized Magazine about her music video that “slammed” the war on drugs. The interview by Civilized — a magazine reported to be for the millions of adults who choose to enjoy cannabis recreationally — covered a number of aspects behind the imagery of Laganja’s music video.

In December of 2018, Laganja was featured in a Facebook live broadcast by the folks at Merry Jane. In this episode, Laganja talks fun-and-games topics like sky diving in drag and her favorite cannabis strains. But, she also goes into serious topics like “weed slut-ness” and important cannabis policy news.

Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information site, featured Laganja on their in-house podcast in January of 2019. The podcast, The Hash, explored alongside Laganja topics like homophobia in the cannabis industry and what it’s like to often be the only queer person in a room.
“Award-winning dancer, choreographer, and reality TV star Jay Jackson (stage name Laganja Estranja) has a habit of making straight men uncomfortable. Even more so at cannabis events, which often ooze bro culture, despite the queers who made legalization even possible. Kick your platform heels off, relax your feet, and take a dab with Laganja Estranja as she recounts performing at her first weed shows, and how she soldiered on. ‘It’s OK to be different and smoke pot. That’s the whole point. Maybe you need to smoke more,’ she tells Leafly.”

Other cannabis collaborations include Doug Benson, Dr. Dina, The Gay Stoner, Coral Reefer, MedMen, Buds And Rose's, THC Design, Adam Ill, The Higher Path, Daily High Club, and Smojo.